Healthcare workers spend a lot of time administrating, planning, checking, monitoring and tracing. Tasks that keep them from their primary focus: the patient.

For them, LogiSense invents, develops and implements smart solutions that take over these labor intensive tasks.
With our indoor track & trace system, ICT solutions, sensor technology, wireless communication systems and most of all: common sense we help to create a more efficient healthcare system. Enabling healthcare staff to focus on what is important: the patient.

LogiSense is a brand of DoubleSense B.V. DoubleSense provides specific knowledge to help organisations with technology driven innovative developments.

We strongly believe in our cross-market experience: proven methods and successes from specific markets can be deployed in a complete different environment. Quick results, a hands-on philosophy, and an open corporate culture characterises our organisation.

We develop our services independently or we can operate as a contractor. We like to keep a healthy balance between vision, courage, practical solutions and a sense for the market. With both feet on the ground we keep our focus to achieve the goals. We can really get things in motion!