LogiSense Door Counter System

deurtellerClean air in operation rooms is essential to prevent post operative wound infections (POWI’s). During operations door movements should be avoided as much as possible.
The Logisense Door Counter system counts door movements during the operation process. Counter information is available on a display int he OR. The information is stored automatically in the patients record. The system is wireless and is very easy to install.

With the LogiSense OR Door Counter System the OR staff and management are always informed about the number of door movements during operations. The system measures the movements automatically and displays the information real time on a display in the OR. The counter is reset automatically after each operation, based on a trigger from the OR planning system. The counter information is stored for analysis purposes. In case an OR is already equipped with displays or door counters, the LogiSense Door Counter System can connect to existing hardware. The system is modular, easy to install and easy to use.


Ease of use

Start/stop counting is done automatically based on a connection with the OR planning system. Automatic reset of the counter after the operation.

Data available for analysis

Historical data is available for storage in the hospital information system.

Modular and cost efficient

Is your OR already equipped with door counters and/or displays? Because the LogiSense system is modular, existing hardware can be connected to save costs. The counter data can be displayed on displays of the BMS (Building Management System).

Easy to install

LogiSense door counters are wireless and can be installed on OR doors within seconds.

Proven reliability

The LogiSense Door Counter System has been operational for many years in several hospitals and has proven to be a robust and reliable system. References are available on request.

Standardized data exchange using the HL7 protocol

Data exchange between the LogiSense system and the Hospital Information system is based on the HL7 protocol. This ensures a standardized, safe and future proof solution.

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