LogiSense RTLS Track & Trace

Hospitals are complex environments with a diversity of mobile assets such as medical devices, beds, wheel chairs and trolleys. The logistic processes to manage these assets are labor intensive and expensive.
With LogiSense Track & Trace these processes become less complex and more efficient. By using a combination of radio signals and infrared signals our localisation is precise and reliable.

LogiSense RTLS

With LogiSense RTLS the location of any device or object can be determined easily. This information can be used real time for safety improvement or inventory management. Historical information is available as well. This can be used to improve business intelligence and to improve logistic processes. For instance to determine concurrent usage and inventory optimalisation.

How does LogiSense RTLS work?

Localisation is based on two techniques: radio signals and infrared signals. By using this combination, objects can be localised at room level. This accuracy cannot be achieved by using WiFi/RFID radio signals only, because these signals are not blocked by walls. The combination of radio signals and infrared signals makes LogiSense RTLS a very accurate and reliable localisation system.

LogiSense RTLS versus WiFi only based systems


The LogiSense tagtrack and trace

  • Footprint: 45*45mm.
  • Height: 8mm.
  • Material: plastic, waterproof, alcohol resistant.
  • Mounting: screws or tape.
  • Power: 2450 coin cell battery (replaceable).
  • Programmable membrane push button.
  • Programmable bicolor led (red/green).
  • Compliant with EN 300 220-2 V2.1.2; EN 301 4891 V1.6.1 en EN 60950-1.

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