OR Medical Device Monitor (DORA)

The safety of medical devices in operation rooms is very important. The LogiSense OR Medical Device Monitor automatically detects all devices in an OR and shows the real time safety status.
Defects can easily be reported by pressing the button on the LogiSense tags. These reports are instantly available to the OR technical department.

DORA: medical device safety in OR’s

Medical device safety is a top priority in health care. DORA simplifies the safety processes and makes them less labor intensive. The DORA system detects all devices present in the OR and displays the maintenance/defect status on a screen in the OR. This simplifies the safety process, decreases the chance of making mistakes and leads to a higher level of patient safety.

Product characteristics

  • doraImproved information about the maintenance and repair proces in the OR.
  • Improved equipment safety.
  • Devices are traceable for the technical department.
  • Automated and reliable registration of defects.
  • Real time information about the availability of required devices for planned operations.
  • Defect reports, based on reporters, locations, date and time.


  • Improving patient safety.
  • Reduction of errors.
  • Improved efficiency.

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